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This was me two years ago. I was a third-year McMaster University Communications student who reached out to The Hamilton Spectator's manager of community partnerships, Jane Allison, for an internship. Like any self-respecting Communications student, I took the obligatory selfie to  visually capture my first day as The Hamilton Spectator's marketing partnerships intern.

Fast-forward to present day and I've never left The Spectator. You can find me in the marketing department creating and booking print and digital promotional content for The Spectator, community papers, New York Times and special publications; running contests in partnership with local companies, including this and that; and staying in the social media loop here and there. You can also find me at Spectator events, such as the one captured above. For The Spectator's 170th anniversary, manager of community partnerships Jane Allison and photographer Cathie Coward curated Framing History: Photojournalism and The Hamilton Spectator. You can still view the exhibits at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Design Annex until January 2017.

After graduating from McMaster University with Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Summa Cum Laude, I still hadn't quite satisfied my academic itch. So, when I'm not at The Spectator, you can find me at Mohawk College, completing my 8-month Public Relations Graduate Certificate.

What you can expect from my blog is whimsical musings of my sleepless nights stressed out episodes experiences during my time at Mohawk College and how I'm applying theory to practice. If you want to connect with me, follow me on Twitter where I will be giving 140-character snippets of my experiences under the hashtag #PRGradMusings.

Until next time.

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